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Joseph Hollowed

Student Researcher in Cosmological Physics
Ann Arbor, MI

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The following is complete list of my publications. For more details, see my research descriptions on the projects page.

Official Publications
Date Title Publication
12/2019 CosmoDC2: A Synthetic Sky Catalog for Dark Energy Science with LSST The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series
09/2019 HACC Cosmological Simulations: First Data Release The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series

Other Documents
Date Title
04/2020 The Fractal Geometry of the Universe
12/2019 Simulating the Cluster Weak Lensing Signal
06/2019 Lightcone Construction for HACC Cosmological Simulations with LANTERN(arxiv version, HACC internal version)
03/2017 Velocity Disopersion Effects of Real and Mock Galaxies