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Joseph Hollowed

Student Researcher in Cosmological Physics
Ann Arbor, MI

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Most of my work resides in theoretical and computational cosmology, working on both analysis and modeling tasks. My current focus is on the generation of synthetic weak gravitational lensing catalogs of the largest bound structures in the cosmos, clusters of galaxies. See my recent slide decks for some teasers!

I was previously involved in the development of HACC (Hybrid/Hardware Accelerated Cosmology Code) simulation components and analysis codes at CPAC. My work is documented in a set of notes on lightcone construction, and in our paper detailing the creation of the DC2 synthetic galaxy catalog for the LSST DESC, designed to prepare analysis pipelines for LSST first-light.

I have also worked on earlier cluster cosmology projects, concentrating on velocity-dispersion-mass scaling relations, and using this as a metric by which to validate the above mentioned synthetic catalogs. See my talks from 2017 and 2016 to see a sample of this work, and read my unofficial paper on the subject for full details.

All of my code products from everything I've worked on at CPAC and UM are maintained on GitHub.

Other Projects

I also like to maintain a number of creative activities, namely photography and videography. In keeping with the theme of this site, below is a brief gallery of some of my (mostly) widefield astrophotography, including a few video samples. Beyond this, visitors are welcome to check out my Vimeo and Instagram profiles.