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Joseph Hollowed

Student Researcher in Cosmological Physics
Chicago, IL

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I am a student researcher at the Cosmological Physics and Advanced Computing Group at Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago, IL. I hold an undergraduate degree in Physics from DePaul University, and am a member of the LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration.

Study Interests

– Theoretical large-scale physics, e.g. cosmology, particularly approaching problems in gravitation via computational efforts.
– The increasing importance of developing detailed large-scale cosmological simulations, as is demanded by the data volume of next generation sky surveys.
– Solving the inverse problem related to constraining cosmological parameters; investigating observational and astrophysical systematics.
– Python, C++, data visualization, high performance computing, using svn through git with git-svn, and websites that don't use JS.
– Photography, videography, and open-source Adobe-alternative projects like Darktable and Kdenlive
– Building and riding bicycles, hiking and camping, and playing music


This site contains the bio above, descriptions of my ongoing research projects, slides from previous scientific talks, and hosts my CV.
Cosmic web visualizations used in this site's banner on various pages are from Benedikt Diemer.
The domain is registered with Google Domains, and free hosting is provided by GitHub Pages. The site content is maintained at my GitHub repository.